I used to be an active, adventure-loving boy. I played basketball, cricket & football almost every other day till I was studying. When I joined a start-up, my primary focus became work and proving my mettle to my managers and colleagues. In this quest, I started spending long hours and weekends at work. Eventually this affected me personally because I became lazy on every other front. I would procrastinate simple things like walking down to the grocery store. I would find creative yet practical ways to do things with minimal effort. My new friends and colleagues, knowing me now, would express surprise at my having been a professional basketball player at one point.

Finally during WFH is when I jolted myself into focusing my attention on my mental and physical health. I decided to take upon a massive challenge of getting fit and losing 30 kgs. This became my personal BHAG (Big hairy audacious goal — usually applicable to organizational goals) for the months to come. The result was that I started exercising and playing for a few hours everyday along with climbing twenty floors every single day. I have continued this regime for 90 days and have reached the halfway mark on my BHAG today. It must be said that I could not have pushed myself to this extent without the support of my wife.

My learning has been that work will always keep piling up — there will always be something that needs your urgent intervention. But we must set aside at least 20 minutes a day for physical activity because no one else can focus on your health but you.

(This blog was penned by Ninad Tarambale from our category team at ClearTax.)