9 things that drive productive & fun WFH at ClearTax

With a sudden enforced work from home, we’ve had to transition immediately from office to remote work. In order to transition our office to a remote culture, we did the following things over the past 2 weeks to make ‘Work from home’ productive and fun.

#1 Video meetings are 2X more productive with some SOPs

Follow the calendar, be on time, put your video on, utilize comments for conversations and many more. Our video meetings are as effective (and sometimes even more) as in-person. We encourage switching self-video ‘on’ as it helps understand facial expressions and nods which enable very effective conversations over video. It also disciplines us to start the day on time, dress-up for office & not miss that shower. 😜

Never realised, video meetings will come with so many added advantages such as reduced struggle to find a room for an important meeting or reduced operational burden to arrange for large-group meetings (Eg. All hands).

Serious & fun — that’s how our meetings look like

#2 Remote collaboration made easier with google drive & others

We have adopted google drive (docs, sheets, slides) at ClearTax since inception. Some of our most important meetings have been conducted in silence, literally. Q&A, reviews, edits are made simpler with collaborative tools such as google drive. Tech teams continue to function with the same productivity with Agile project management tools such as JIRA.

#3 Informal “gappe” because no one wants to miss out on the water cooler gossip

You would all agree that office gossip around the water cooler is an essential ingredient for social interaction between employees. It can be argued that humans need face-to-face social communication with other employees during the course of the day’s work to break up the monotony of being stuck behind a desk. We have alternate-day ‘gappe marna’ sessions to talk about everything but work. Kids, pets or any one in the family are welcome to join.

Pramod Sarja from the product team introducing us to his son Dhruva

#4 Frequent CEO updates

Our CEO, Archit Gupta sends regular WFH tips and tricks to everyone. Encouraging us to pick up a hobby, spend quality time with our families, indulge in physical exercise and listen to music. He sets a great example by sharing snaps of his new desk setup, teaser of his all-new workout regime (with bhangra), snaps of dishes from his personal cook-book and much more. Thanks Archit! These things really help us stay connected!

Recipe straight from Archit’s cookbook

#5 Digital socializing with some serious instagramming (fun intended)

Keeping up with the millennial culture (attributing to the majority of our employees), we came up with an employee engagement insta page. We encourage people to showcase their creativety with mouth-watering dishes, workout routines, memes, singing and more. We have unearthed a lot of hidden talents so far :). Follow @ctbeatsquarantineblues for more

Follow @ctbeatsquarantineblues for more

#6 Slack channels meant for fun

Ranging from adorable pet photos to dishes from the chefs in the house, from the glorious memes to book recommendations to links of informative websites and channels, we have shared them all. And there’s no stopping us here.

Straight from our internal slack channels

#7 Keep up with the lunching ritual with digital lunch breaks

Time : 1 pm. Check. Heat your lunch. Check. Food on your plate. Check. But where are my buddies? Do I have to eat alone? Of course not, we have got you covered. We have organised digital lunch sessions with our teammates through Hangouts. Now do not feel left alone while having lunch at home.

#8 Gaming, fitness, cooking challenges to keep you going

Bring out the Monica Geller in you and compete for glory. We have organised Instagram challenges like #chaittingwithteam, #ctfitandfab etc. Some of the ongoing challenges include scavenger hunts, quarantine bingo and counter strike!

Play ClearTax’s quarantine bingo today

#9 Digital onboarding for new joinees

Well, can there be a cooler way of getting on boarded at your new company? Kudos to our HR team for taking the onboarding process completely online through Hangouts. Not only this, the new ClearTax family members are also assigned virtual buddies, their new friends remotely.